We are Matter

We are guided by our vision to be the most dynamic company driving India to a sustainable future. United by this vision and driven by a goal, we take pride in leveraging our R&D expertise and technology solutions to empower every individual with the option to choose a cleaner alternative. At our core, we are driven by our optimism and guided by our collective strength.


Our planet, Our home

Matter believes global greenhouse gas emission pathways can be curbed and the rise in global warming can be limited to under 1.5 Celsius only when we renounce our reliance on fossil fuels, shift to renewable resources and embrace electric solutions – especially in the arena of mobility. At Matter, we are committed to working towards a cleaner environment through our modular, hyper-scalable technology offerings.


Make in India

The Make in India initiative by our government has been the driving factor for our R&D experts to build our very own technology and solutions. Matter’s effort in research, innovation, platform and product development are all directed towards an Aatmanirbhar Bharat. Matter’s approach to build a robust and self reliant infrastructure would empower the entire nation to adopt green energy technologies.


Transformative Technology

Matter’s endeavor is to indigenously develop smart transformative and integrated technologies that would put India on the global map of advanced nations. Guided by a team of industry experts leveraging new age technology Matter seeks to revolutionise the electric ecosystem and transform electric mobility.


Mohal Lalbhai

Founder & CEO

Responsible for accelerating Matter's organizational strategy and overall direction.
Arun Pratap Singh

Founder & COO

Responsible for leading the operating strategy & innovations across business functions.
Saran Babu

Founder & CDO

Responsible for design innovation at Matter. Superior user experience is his key responsibility.
Kumar Prasad T.

Founder & CTO

Responsible for Technology and Product Development.


Zakirhusen Memon

Sr. VP Vehicle Engineering

Responsible for spearheading the Automobile R&D functions alongside Development & Testing.
Gautam B. T.

Software Advisor

Leading software architecture to R&D in the fields of advanced analytics for automotive and energy applications.
Sudarshan Rathod

Head of Automotive Design

Responsible for leading automotive design at Matter. He integrates agile engineering in product design and development.


Deval Parikh


Responsible for the overall business strategy and planning.
Prof. Arvind Sahay


Responsible to provide assitance in forming the strategy and innovation across multiple business functions at Matter.