Matter Tech Stack

Our technology stack includes MatterEnergy, MatterEntel, MatterDrive, MatterLink and MatterX is aimed at putting India on the global map of advanced nations and making us well-positioned to cater to the larger needs of the world.



Pushing the boundaries of performance and reliability in energy storage.



Modular and incredibly powerful electronic system offers greater control to an electric platform.



Revolutionary propulsion system to meet the most extreme performance requirements.


Multi-platform software solution redefining product development in the electric ecosystem.


Integrated experience platform that uses technology based on the user’s profile.

  • MatterEnergy

MatterEnergy delivers indigenously developed Energy Storage and Management solutions that improve the life and performance of new-age batteries that power Energy Storage Systems. Exponential technologies and advanced chemistries make these solutions reliable and safe for high performance components together with its unique Thermal Management System and Battery Management System.

Pushing the boundaries of performance and reliability for energy storage and delivery systems, even for the most demanding applications such as electric vehicles

  • MatterEntel

MatterEntel is an electronic system designed and developed for enabling greater control over core electrical and electronic systems of an electric platform. MatterEntel’s modular design forms the backbone of all electric solutions offered by Matter.

As MatterEntel evolves to meet industry requirements; it forges into an efficient, reliable, incredibly powerful and long-lasting technology that is hyper scalable. Developed indigenously with ease of use in mind and engineered to give more control over the flow of power to the user. It is designed to provide improved and advanced solutions that makes it unique and competitive.

  • MatterDrive

MatterDrive is a revolutionary electric propulsion system designed for extreme performance and challenging environments. Wholly designed and engineered by Matter, these integrated electric drives, when coupled with transmissions, form bespoke drivetrain solutions with unparalleled power density, torque output and efficiency.

When compared to conventional transmissionless counterparts, Matter’s powertrains operate optimally over a wide range of speeds. MatterDrive promotes energy efficiency by delivering a substantial increase in km per kwh. Besides generating appreciable value for end users, MatterDrive powertrains offer precision control over the flow of power giving superior, exceptionally smooth and responsive drive experience.

  • MatterLink

MatterLink is a multi-platform software solution comprising vehicle apps, user apps, partner apps, a cloud system, and a fleet management system. Working cohesively with the Matter data warehouse, the MatterLink platform allows for iterations, and delivers remarkable agility in an electric ecosystem with hardware and software linkages.

MatterLink pushes the possibilities of how software can redefine product development, overcome engineering challenges, and further the user experience. It leverages software analytics and AI/ML-based parametric tuning to induce seamless, safe and personalised experiences to all stakeholders in the ecosystem.

  • MatterX

User-centricity is a core value that drives all solutions at Matter. We believe that a highly efficient, robust and familiar system is the key to providing the best-in-class user experience. Matterx interlinks the three pillars of people, technology and processes to ensure a seamless experience for the end user.

It leverages our analytics platform to understand consumers and their behavior, and uncover hidden patterns within to deliver personalised connected consumer experiences across channels and devices. This is achieved through an integrated ecosystem that uses cutting-edge, interconnected technology platforms that are constantly evolving, based on the user’s needs, goals and motivations.