Striving to make the future truly ‘Electric’

At Matter we believe that the ability to choose a sustainable mode of energy should not be viewed as a leisure but as a necessity. Our aim for self-reliance manifests itself in our mission – to accelerate India to energy independence.

The year 2021 will see us plugging in the gaps all along the value chain and revolutionising the entire electric ecosystem.

Making technology work for you

India’s demand for energy is spiralling upwards and is predicted to lead the global energy demand over the next decade. To cater to this demand we have built our technology stack that leverages efficient methods of generating, storing and utilising our energy resources.



Pushing the boundaries of performance, safety and reliability in energy storage and management



Modular and intelligent electronic systems offering greater control and flexibility to harness the power of electric



Revolutionary propulsion system to meet the most extreme performance requirements


Multi-platform cloud software solution redefining product development in the electric ecosystem


Building evolving experiences based on our user’s needs and goals through an integrated ecosystem

Great things are never done alone

Matter’s strength lies in our team of curious thinkers who are driven by integrity, passion for excellence and an ambition to provide an opportunity for every individual to make a choice to save our planet. We are a team of people from diverse backgrounds and experiences contributing towards building a technology platform that will drive the adoption of sustainable ‘electric’ technologies.