Driving change to address the change

In a world where change is the only constant, climate makes no exception. Matter commits itself to mitigate those adverse effects through technology-led sustainable and renewable solutions for the nation. Making the future truly ‘electric’. This, we believe, is where we derive our charge from.

Making technology work for you

India’s demand for energy is spiralling upwards and is predicted to lead the global energy demand over the next decade. To cater to this demand we have to shift to renewable and efficient methods of generating, storing and utilising our energy resources. Acknowledging this, our technology stack is designed to accelerate India’s journey towards achieving energy independence by knitting the entire electric energy ecosystem which is proudly developed in India and available for the world.



Pushing the boundaries of performance and reliability in energy storage.



Modular and incredibly powerful electronic system offers greater control to an electric platform.



Revolutionary propulsion system to meet the most extreme performance requirements.


Multi-platform software solution redefining product development in the electric ecosystem.


Integrated user experience platform that uses technology based on the user’s profile.


Great things are never done alone

A team of curious thinkers, driven by integrity, a passion for excellence and a mindful ambition to save this planet. We aspire to create an environment of transformative ideas solving real world problems with our core principles and values.